Bomb Catch - Kaboom Action game.

Bomb Catch - the fast action retro arcade game, was released for Android OS

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iPhone Gamer Blog (Stackster HD for ipad review) : [link]
Once you start your game you will immediately see the coolest backgrounds ever. Imagine tie-dye shirts in space with 3D patterns.  It’s mind-blowing stuff. The developers really took the time and created some amazing visuals. However, as incredible as the graphics are, it’s the music that really drives this game. Just like the visuals, the audio kicks in right from the get go and stays strong throughout the gameplay. It’s a weird mix of rock, techno, and orchestral – and it is excellent.

Addictive game play...Controls and music rocks
by Orus1968
This is a fun game that reminds of the old atari hit breakout. An addictive game with beautiful graphics and great music with a techno scifi feel. Recommended.
(Stackster HD for iPad customer comment on iTunes) : [link]
Where Blazing Arc really shows off its value is how it blesses your pupils with artistic awesomeness. Each level is presented in an oil painting style. Stages are varied and unique, while the backgrounds are masterful works of art.”

Blazing Arc features breath taking hand painted and animated graphics!